Are you ready to fight Cyberbullying?

This is an online flashmob to stand up against cyberbullying and raise awareness, worldwide.

GET INVOLVED! #NObullyingFlashMob

On the 16th of March, you can say NO to cyberbullying and support the cause by following some easy steps:

✱ Change your personal profile picture and/or cover photo with the ones we are using here to show all your friends you’re attending the flashmob!

✱ Share the slogan cards with the winning phrases of the ClearCyberBullying Slogan Contest that we will post on our facebook page and on our Twitter account!

✱ Use the hashtag #NObullyingFlashMob on Facebook and Twitter when sharing the posts and videos about cyberbullying that we will post on our page and on our Twitter account!

Follow us here and on Twitter @C_CyberBullying, invite your friends to like the facebook page, invite them to this event, and stay tuned for any news and update!

More info about the Clear Cyber Bullying project: www.clearcyberbullying.eu/en/

Here you find the flash mob instructions, ad the partners decided in the last meeting in Prague.

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